What I do

Ever since I created my first html code at the beginning of year 2000, I have been spending most of my time designing, developing, analyzing, optimizing and marketing websites. I started with creating simple static informative web sites and then moved on to flash sites, database-driven and e-commerce websites. Then I learned the different techniques of Search engines optimization and I am constantly interested in driving more traffic to a website using online and direct marketing ideas. I believe I have an experience with every aspect of creating a beautiful, successful and profitable Internet store.
  • 10 years of web design experience were enough for me to learn the latest Photoshop and Illustrator techniques and to learn to create beautiful layouts using these products. All layouts are created with the main idea of great visitor experience. The most successful websites are not always the most beautiful websites, but having a modern-looking site is always helpful. Recently Google started paying attention on the way your website looks – so creating one that will make your visitors fall in love with it is one of the first things I make sure of. Of course, recently there are many themes and good designs on the market, so if that will save us a lot of time for creating the site – I prefer to use them.
  • 7 years of front end development helped me learn how to turn the Photoshop mockups in functional and modern websites. I have a lot of experience in HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, tableless layouts, cross-browser compatibility (including IE6), custom dashboard development. I have also created several custom WordPress themes, custom Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages.
  • Search Engines Optimization is one of the things that went trough a lot of changes during the last 10 years. Everyone knows, that it is important to have a good-looking website, but if no one ever sees it – what’s the point? Google changes it’s algorithms very often, so I need to always be informed what takes the highest priorities at the moment. Meta tags, keywords, page titles, page descriptions, alt tags, search engines friendly copy, images, links – those are the on-site elements I take care of so that Google knows how relevant the site is to the phrase our visitor searches for. Keyword research is also one of the most important parts of the SEO I do – knowing which keywords are people searching for the most, what is the competition for these keywords and analyzing the chances to rank at the first 3 positions on Google for them.
  • The most difficult part is being anInternet Marketing Specialist, creating full strategies for online marketing of e-commerce stores and local businesses. Link building, pay per click campaigns, social media and bookmarking, e-mail campaigns, video marketing, article and press release marketing, blogging, link exchange – those are all things I have done myself or organized and controlled the outsourcing to third parties. Traffic is essential about the success of the website, so this is why I spend most of my time marketing the websites I create.
  • When I build a website, I try to create a profile of the audience that it will have – demographic and behavioral profile. But what I think the people will do and like on the website is not always the same as the reality. Google analytics helps to get a better idea about where the traffic comes from, what do people do on our website, what did they search for when they came to our site, how long did they stay on our pages, which were the most visited pages, what did people see before they bought our products or when did they leave the site without buying. So Google analytics implementation, custom reports set up, KPI analysis for improving conversions, visitor engagement and increasing the ROI are also big part of my every day work. I believe it is very important to use the feedback from the analytics reports for improving the websites I create .
  • Having a Masters Degree in Applied Statistics adds a lot of value for my e-commerce knowledge too. Being able to test the significance of the updates I do on a website, using multivariate analysis to find the impact certain parts of the site have on the overall performance, performing A/B tests and finding relationship between separate elements and conversions based on the data, collected from the visitors and the data from Google Analytics is an important part of my skill set too.

Software and Technologies Used

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, JQuery Tools, FBML and WordPress development
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
  • Informix databases, SQL, SPL
  • Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Website Optimizer, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Google Keyword Tool
  • SAS, SPSS, Minitab

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