Google Analytics

Obviously, in order to be in the online business the first thing you need to have is a website. But once you have it, you will start wondering:
  • Where do my visitors come from?
  • When they come to my website how long do they stay and what pages they like the most?
  • What percentage of them ends up buying my products or visits the most important page on my website?
  • WHich of my marketing initiatives work better, which ones need more attention?
  • What keywords do people use to find my website?
  • What products do they search for once they are on my website?
  • Which visitors do convert better – the ones that came organic search, pay-per-click, directly, the rss feed or other marketing initiatives?
  • How loyal are my visitors – do they often come back or never come back?
  • Where in the checkout process do I lose most customers?
No matter if your site sells products or is just informative, Google analytics will help you find the answers of most of these questions. And the best of all – this product is free, no matter if you are a small website owner or a huge corporation. All you need in order to start collecting data and analyzing it is to create a google account if you don’t already have one and install some code on your website. The code is pretty simple, and google gives very good directions about where exactly you need to put it on each page, and what exactly the code needs to be if you have dynamic site, if you want to track e-commerce transactions etc.

What is the first thing you see when you log in?

After you install the code, google will start collecting the data and display it for you automatically. All you need to do is to go to and sign up with your google account. After that you will see all the google analytics accounts you have set up. Click on the one, related to your company website and let the journey begin. The first page you see after clicking on your account name is your dashboard. By default it shows the site usage, visitors, map, traffic sources and top content summary for the last month.

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