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Welcome to My Brand New Website

Someone once told me, that if you find something you love to do – you’ll never have to work a day in your life. And I believe I found it many years ago when I wrote my first html code, drew my first graphics for the web and created my first web sites. Internet changed a lot since that time, keeps changing and makes it much more difficult to follow all the latest technologies related to it. But some things never change – like good designs, well developed websites, professionally written content and well optimized and marketed pages. But let’s start from the beginning…

No matter what you were searching for or how you found my web site – search engines or referrals – you are most probably interested in web design, development, search engines optimization and marketing. So let me introduce myself and tell you what you can expect to find on these pages.

My name is Dany (I know, that’s usually a men’s name, but I am a lady) and for the last 15 years I have been very interested in everything new that happens on the web and improves the visitor’s experience on the web sites. And as things change a lot and I tend to forget many of the interesting things I have read and tried, I decided to create this website, where I will try to organize my experience, past projects, interesting resources and articles I have read and experiments I have done. I am sure it will be a great source for Internet marketers, web designers, front end user interface developers, search engines specialists, as well as companies, which may be interested in hiring a professional who can do all that for them.

If you are just starting your business, the first thing you obviously will need is a web site. And not just any kind of web site, but one that will be remembered and at the same time will be search engine friendly. It is important for a web site to be very well organized, to have all the information at places where people expect to find it, to have pictures, unique and interesting text. This is what your visitors are looking for and this is what Google will reward you for too. The best platform for creating websites recently is WordPress. There are tons of themes, plug-ins and resources for WordPress and creating a web site using it may take less than an hour. Take a look at my web design and development pages for examples of websites and new technologies used for creating stunning effects.

To have a great website though having beautiful pictures is not enough. Visitors come to your website because they search for something – information, specific product, some service they need, and they will leave immediately if you don’t provide what they are looking for. So having great copy – interesting, unique and informative – is essential for high ranking, for increasing the traffic, for winning the loyalty of your visitors and the trust of Google. The search engines are just machines – algorithms which use hundreds of criteria to evaluate your website and display it in certain order for the specific keywords, so we have to take a good care of them and optimize your pages. The more authority your website has, the higher Google will rank your site and the easier new visitors will be able to find your website. And authority is built mostly by having many websites linking back to your pages. The more authority sites decide to put a link to you in their website – the higher respected and ranked your website will be. Google made a lot of changes this year in their algorithms and many websites, backlinked with low quality, spam links from blog posts and link farms suffered a lot. Read more about the Google Panda updates in my blog, so that you know how to avoid such problems.

Now you have a good looking, well optimized and backlinked website. What is next? You have to start marketing it. You have to know what your visitors want and give it to them. Videos, articles, new products, promotions, ways to communicate with each other, encouragement, attention, emails – these are all ways to show your visitors that you value them and they will pay you back by sharing your website with other people and recommending you. Social media is becoming more and more popular – have a custom FaceBook and Twitter pages or create a blog and let your visitors communicate and comment on your products and services or just have fun. Build a community and your website and your business will be very successful.

The last, very important thing you have to do is to analyze the results. Google Analytics is a great tool anyone can easily use and understand. Visitors, keywords people used to find you, referring sites, email campaigns, pay per click campaigns, Facebook campaign and other web metrics – you can track where your traffic comes from, which parts of the site need improvement, where in the checkout process you lose your visitors, what do your visitors like, which pages they read the most and a lot of other helpful information. Google webmaster tools gives you valuable information about the average position your website ranks for different keywords, which keywords people used to find your website, are there any missing pages or errors with your website. If you want to go even further, you can test different versions or layouts of your website to see which combination of options, products, colors, images, copy and layouts leads to the best performance of your site. Google website optimizer can help you do that.

Every year many companies go out of business. And many companies struggle to survive. You don’t have to be one of them – all you have to do is invest some time and resources in building your web site, attracting new visitors and keeping them. Read the posts in my blog if you want to learn more about how you can do that yourself. Browse the pages to read the essential information you need to stay at the top of the Internet. The online traffic increases every year, take your piece of it and use it to make your business more successful. Contact me if you need an advise or see how I can help you.

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